Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Lamb Rescue

Tuesday 29 April 2008
Tuesday arrived bright and clear after the heavy rain on the Monday. That evening, 8 kayaks headed out from Inganess to the Head of Holland.
After a straightforward pleasant paddle out, we rounded the Head where we were surprised to find a young lamb and ewe at the foot of the sandstone cliffs. Sadly the ewe was dead -probably having fallen from the cliff. The orphaned lamb was left on the rocks at the bottom of the cliff without any apparent way to get back up again. We considered the situation - without help the lamb was unlikely to survive. So Johnny Johnston went ashore to retrieve the lamb which was then placed in the back of Matt Orchard's kayak. Matt then paddled a few hundred yards further round to a point where both he and the lamb could get back up to the fields above.

Mission accomplished, we took a brief look in to the Bay of Meil before returning to Inganess with the setting sun - a pleasant and hopefully worthwhile evening. Interesting question was whether lamb was born before or after the fall.

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